Vitamin and antioxidant pills don’t replace eating healthy foods

Vitamin and antioxidant pills don’t replace eating healthy foods

Phytochemicals (the chemicals in plants) and antioxidants from plant foods are powerful compounds that put a lid on inflammation and oxidative stress.

There are thousands and thousands of these compounds. And humans have isolated only a handful of them to be popped into vitamin and antioxidant pills. These pills artificially load you up with mega doses of single antioxidants, and they no longer work the same way they’re expected to, in fact, they can now become harmful.

Get your nutrients from foods, or choose dietary supplements that are made from whole foods, not isolated nutrients.

I see a lot of people who call themselves ‘health coaches’ yet they promote the use of isolated vitamins, synthetic supplements, and even the consumption of animal products. These are not what will get you to an optimal point of overall health in the long run.


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