We’re not in a famine: Don’t haul the wrong groceries

We’re not in a famine: Don’t haul the wrong groceries

I see store shelves cleared out of common staples like pasta, processed cereals, highly processed snacks and treats, canned processed foods, refined flour and sugar, cooking oils, processed frozen foods (chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas, fish fingers), processed sauces and soups, and even bottled water — people are mostly stock piling on processed foods, or what they call ‘survival’ foods.

Don't buy highly processed survival foods during a virus pandemic on Winning Alopecia

But we can do better than just survive, and we should. After all, we are in a virus pandemic, not a famine, and our body needs nourishing foods, not just calories.

Emergency Preparedness During Coronavirus Pandemia on Winning Alopecia

Social distancing, staying at home, keeping our hands clean, are all good and important measures to try and reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. But they are not foolproof measures.

Ultimately, it comes down to the strength of our immune system in fighting off whatever we may contract.

Therefore, I am not buying for my family as if we were headed for famine.

This Alopecia journey has led us to being very mindful in what we buy and eat all these years. And that doesn’t change now. In fact, it is more important than ever to stay on top of our health and nutrition right now.

Panic buying is not necessary but buy foods that nourish your immune system on Winning Alopecia

These are some of the foods that I have chosen to buy a bit more of because they keep reasonably well, are versatile, and are high in the nutrients that we need.

1. Dried beans: versatile source of protein, phytonutrients and fiber. Soak and cook beans well to remove compounds like phytates.

2. Dried mushrooms: source of polysaccharides and other beneficial nutrients for the immune system.

3. Variety of rice and grains: choose a variety of grains such as quinoa, oats, wild rice, black rice, red rice, to get a variety of minerals and nutrients from these grains.

4. Frozen vegetables: they are inexpensive and a great addition to fresh vegetables.

5. Frozen fruits and berries: they keep well and a great addition to green smoothies when it’s harder to get fresh fruit. Fruits are also high in disease-fighting antioxidants and make a yummy treat.

6. Dried seafood such as dried anchovies: anchovies are low in the food chain so they are low in mercury, they keep well if frozen and make a great flavour boost.

7. Sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkins and squash: they keep well for a long time, are widely available, and are rich in nutrients.

8. Hardy vegetables: hardier vegetables like carrots, beets and cruciferous (cabbages for example) keep longer and better than leafy greens. Vegetables are a crucial source of phytonutrients and fiber that keep our immune system strong.

9. Quality dietary supplements like SOYGREEN and SOYPRO: nutritious and healthy beverage that make a great breakfast and snack. These are food products that are made of plenty of disease-fighting wholesome plant foods. They are especially designed for convenience so that you don’t have to settle for processed ‘survival’ foods in times of emergency.

10. EMUNITY: a cocktail of polysaccharides that have been specifically designed to directly impact that immune system and keep it in tip top condition. Prevention is always better. These dietary supplements deliver to your door so you don’t even need to go out.

What do you stock up on? Make sure they are foods that keep you and your family healthy and strong.

Stay healthy, stay safe! 💪🏻😘

EMUNITY polysaccharides dietary supplement for immune system support on Winning Alopecia
Soygreen wholesome soybeans and leafy greens wholesome supplement on Winning Alopecia
Soypro wholesome soybeans and ginseng on Winning Alopecia

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