Winning Alopecia

Can Topical Treatment Using Botanical Oil Help with Alopecia?

Addressing Alopecia or hair loss that is caused by autoimmunity often involves an overhaul of almost all aspects that affect your health, including diet, nutrition, lifestyle practices, as well as your home and environment. In most cases, we also need to address underlying issues and imbalances in order to stop the progression of hair loss, give the body a chance to heal and restore itself, and finally get full hair regrowth.

While nutrition and lifestyle play a key, primary role in addressing Alopecia from the inside, topical hair care using natural botanicals can be very helpful to nourish scalp health and encourage hair regrowth by feeding your hair follicles with nutrients from the outside. Incorporating the right botanicals into your hair care routine can do wonders in complementing your effort toward overcoming Alopecia.

Why it’s important to look after scalp health and hair follicle nourishment

Alopecia disrupts the natural cycle of hair growth, leaving the hair follicles weakened. To revitalize these follicles and stimulate hair regrowth, it’s crucial to focus on scalp health and provide them with the nutrients they need. This is where we can utilise the power of natural botanicals, as they are a treasure trove of nutrients and fatty acids that our scalp and hair follicles love.

Just as our bodies thrive on wholesome, nutrient-rich food, our hair follicles also crave nourishment in order to flourish. In a world that is dominated by synthetic and chemical-based hair products, we look to ingredients that are close to nature to provide us with an array of nutrients and essential fatty acids that promote optimal hair and scalp health. While they cannot cure Alopecia on their own, they can play a key supportive role. And when we’re dealing with something as complex as autoimmune Alopecia and hair loss, we want to take advantage of everything that can help.

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Handcrafted Botanical Hair Oil for Alopecia

All the yummy nutrients from fresh rosemary, black cumin seeds, lavender, cedarwood, thyme and peppemint have been imparted into the hair-nourishing coconut, kukui nut, sweet almond and vitamin E oil through a long, 6-week process, resulting in vibrant, deep-green liquid gold that provides a nutritional feast for your hair and scalp.

Formulated through my years of handling Alopecia. Handcrafted in Canada, the oil is ready to use and comes in dropper bottles for easy application. It contains ONLY hair-benefiting botanicals and nutrients, and nothing else.